Playing with variables of the first script

Today’s plan is to play with variables like currency, or percentage, or timespan of script I created yesterday.

Very first change was to try different trading pair: BCH-USD. Results are slightly better as total (still virtual) profit was 2.3% over a period of last 100 hours. Oh, and by the way – database already holds more than 339 thousands entries. Nice.

Let’s try some more changes.. For the pair ‘LTC-BTC’ result was 4.4%. Sounds much better!

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I need Data

Hi Guys,

In order to analyse and/or predict the trend in transactional price in the pair of BTC-USD I definetely need historical data. I don’t know yet what granularity is needed not mentioning time period needed to perform data mining.

Majority of google results were limited to last 2000 entries for free, where rest was paid. Data resolution wasn’t ideal too – 1 entry per day. I believe I need real-time data.

I gave it a try to, where registration takes a second after which I was able to download my very first data set for Bitcoin historical data from GDax exchange. CSV files looks like that:

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