Testing various parameters for Arima model, part 3

Hey Guys,

It took 10 hours to calculate model = ARIMA(history, order=(20,1,0)). Results are merged onto 1 screen, where transparent green line represents results from above model. Red line comes from previous calculations from model = ARIMA(history, order=(7,1,0))


I would argue if it’s better quality than original results. I wanted to share 1 more screenshot of a bigger zoom in of predicted 5 minute interval price change:


Not bad. I belive I’m well prepared to begin real tests in a few days on real exchange with real money. The plan is to try dumbest trading scripts from beggings of this blog and simultaneously to manual trading based on ongoing calculations of 5 minute intervals. That being said I need to improve 5-minute interval script so it runs in an ongoing mode. Sounds like a task for next 2 sessions of my journey into becoming Solo Crypto Prenuer.

Thanks for reading,

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