A few more traiding pairs

Hi Guys,

Yesterday I quickly added a few more trading pairs from GDax in order to sync matched trades into my local database:


As of now amount of rows in my gdax_matches tables is exactly 147,666.  I’m interested if within 24hr window there are some bigger percentage price variations than what I collected yesterday for Bitcoin-Dollar pair, which was at the level of ~1.5%. Continue reading A few more traiding pairs

ML/AI predictions and update on the data collection

Hi Guys,

Yesterday’s script is doing pretty well:

MariaDB [solocryptoprenuer]> select count(1) from gdax_matches;
| count(1) |
| 36125    |
1 row in set (0.10 sec)>

MariaDB [solocryptoprenuer]>

After 24hrs of running there are 36 thousands of matched transactions information in the database. Let it run for a few more weeks/months and I’ll think of exposing that data to the public. Yet it freaks me out to open Raspberry’s PI to the wild internet..

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Putting transactions information into MariaDB

Hi Guys,

Hope you also had a lovely weekend!

It’s time to work a liitle bit and today’s very natural next step is about to store into database transactions from GDax.

Let’s first create a new table to store results:

CREATE TABLE gdax_matches (

size FLOAT (15,8) NOT NULL,
product_id CHAR (7) NOT NULL,
price FLOAT (15,8) NOT NULL,

INDEX (product_id),
INDEX (time)

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I need Data

Hi Guys,

In order to analyse and/or predict the trend in transactional price in the pair of BTC-USD I definetely need historical data. I don’t know yet what granularity is needed not mentioning time period needed to perform data mining.

Majority of google results were limited to last 2000 entries for free, where rest was paid. Data resolution wasn’t ideal too – 1 entry per day. I believe I need real-time data.

I gave it a try to SpreadStreet.io, where registration takes a second after which I was able to download my very first data set for Bitcoin historical data from GDax exchange. CSV files looks like that:

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Let’s restore my old Raspberry Pi

Hi Guys,

So before any development activities start I decided to go super low-cost regarding hosting and use my old Raspberry Pi 3B as a “machine” used for the project. Hosting at home will cost me nothing and moreover I reminded myself I have quite nice SD card in it – 100GB, so I hope I won’t complain about lack of free space on the device. In theory database for data collection could grow quite large, so at least at the beginning I’m fine.

That being said, I found the hardware, even with the touch screen on it! Nice. After checking which raspbian distro was installed (jessie) against the newest one (stretch) I started a process of a dist-upgrade, following directions from here: https://www.raspberrypi.org/blog/raspbian-stretch/ Continue reading Let’s restore my old Raspberry Pi

The Solo-Crypto-Prenuer Journey Begins

Hi Guys,

A few points about myself as of today:

  • I’m 35 (in a month..)
  • happy father of Alice, who is year and a half
  • unhappy mortgage holder, with 29 years till end
  • former software developer, currently employed as a Global Director of Application Development
  • failed multiple times starting my own businesses
  • always hungry for success
  • interested in personal growth
  • will become financialy independent.. someday

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