Being humble. The corporate way.

Non-technical post today.

I remember while back, almost 7 years ago, after my first a few months in the company I sent an email. Long one. Angry one. Full of ideas for improvements, at least in my opinion, some accusations and lots of very direct questions. Attached my supervisors, their supervisors, a few other guys. Response came a few days later. Diplomatic one.

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Removing daily distractions

Hey Guys,

Still strugling with being able to run cryptory => Non-technical post today!

I think it all started a few years ago when I was inspired by some minimalistic concepts. What I felt deep, deep inside was that in order to be happy we don’t necesarily need to have more and more all the time. Easy to say, much harder to apply. But what also brought a lot of my attention in that approach was exactly what subject of this post is about. Distractions.

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