Learning cryptory package, part 3

Amount of hours spent for solving all of dependencies for cryptory package reached more or less 5 and it’ still not finished. I need to change approach. Let’s switch to python3 and see where it gets me.

At least with scipy it went like a charm:

apt-get install python3-scipy

And it wasn’t more difficult with seaborn and setuptool

apt-get install python3-seaborn
apt-get install python3-setuptools

Replaced pip by:

easy_install3 pip

Then executed

python3 setup.py build
python3 setup.py install

It’s running.. All above took like maybe 10 minutes. Can’t wait results after wasted so much time with previous version of python.

So the setup install command failed multiple times over last 2 day, and it took long hours to complete. It’s an internal compiler error while compiling numpy package. Is it because of too less RAM memory ? I already modified swap to be 4GB. Let’s give it another try with 8GB of RAM and see results in the morning..

Thanks for reading,

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