Learning cryptory package, part 2

Continuation from yesterday – trying to run cryptory package, where I can make my modifications. After another hour of compiling and solving dependencies it still works in the background. At the moment “scipy” package is being installed, which takes ages to finish.

However in the meantime I started browsing source code and trying to find out best place on where I could ingest my new method that trains the model on individual transactions and not on the summary of whole day of trades.

After in total 3 hours of trying to install “scipy” python package it still fails.. New idea – let’s increase swap file on Pi and try again. Compiling…

Let’s not waste time and just look how it compiles. I enabled X11 forwarding, so I can have visual GUI when connecting my my Raspberry Pi ! Featured image of this post shows my new beautiful experience with working with Pi. Awesome. I also realized that cryptory might be displaying some visuals, so after it finally compiles I hope to see some effects on the screen. Can’t wait!

Thanks for reading,

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