About motivation in general

Non-technical post today. Quite recently I had an interesting discussion regarding motivation. Both self-motivation as well as how to motivate others. I’d like to share a few thoughts that seems to be quite universal and possibly may help others some day.

First of all I can’t imagine a guy who’s not motivated that tries to motivates others. Being a role model in majority of home/work situations not only enforces on yourself particular pose and energy, but most importantly help others around you to take an example. It’s easy to to constantly complain, but in my opinion it’s like a disease that spreads on guys around you if you do that often. Next one is about training. Like with everything else if you motivate yourself often it’s becoming easier and easier and finally may greatly help collegues who have a harder time when in a simple conversation you share some thoughts on how you motivate yourself. However we are just humans and if someone falls over then they get up, but if they don’t they’ll just lie. It’s fine. It’s ok to have bad moments, to struggle with decisions or to just stop for some time. It’s only becoming worse or bad when it lasts too long.

It always helps me to motivate myself when I look 10 years behind. I just couldn’t imagine in my vivid dreams where would I end up now. It’s quite conflicting though if I look just 1 year back and think of plans and achievements I wanted to make within coming year. Maybe I made like half or even less from things I thought I will do. But then again, over a decade it’s unbelievable how much unpredictable things can happen and it’s only up to us if we use this very moments to move onto uncharted waters. These waters often suprise me, but in a very positive way. I just can’t stick 100% to my plans because there are so many unknowns. Grand plans are great. Sometimes I just can’t plan execution in details. Fortune is good for you if you know when to give it a go.

But to me, these days that are becoming quite repetitive, these schedules that in general looks almost the same.. That’s though. Prose of life. It’s worth to have something that drives you further, that keeps you stay motivated and what makes your Monday mornings cool and fun. Maybe it’s interesting work. maybe it’s becoming pro in what you do or maybe it’s a smile of your kid when you wake them up. Or maybe it’s yet another day during which you’ll find a good reason to start something new.

New is cool.

Challenges are cool. Like the one I just started 12 days ago – this blog. It’s a 3 year project, and I’m maybe around 1% of my goal, so a long-term vision is quite far, but every day brings a post and it gives me a huge satisfaction. That kind of challenges gives me a lot of strength and faith into myself. That I can, if I want.

As you can see this post is quite personal but also written from first person perspective. I truly believe that in order to be real you need to talk about your own experience. What has worked for you, what haven’t and moreover it’s yet another oportunity to experience something for yourself. Isn’t interesting life also about experienceing various things ? Isn’t it amazing to discover yourself which after some procesing can help to know yourself better, to manage yourself better.

Self management. Is very hard. I think it was Peter Drucker who said:

first manage yourself
then your team
then your company

I realy enjoy above quote and very often remind myself, how important is to discover yourself first, before making next steps.

I would almost forget about what this post was supposed to be about – motivation. It really helps me to make notes. May sound like totally unrelated but having notebook around myself, or especially on meetings I attend, helps me a lot not only to put followup items but also when I have an idea. Work related or not, doesn’t matter. If it’s noted, it’s not forgotten. At least not immediately.

Influence. What started working for me some time ago is to focus on things I have a real influence on. More outer circle of my surrounding where my influence is minimal or doesn’t exist at all just can’t be something I’m focusing my thoughts about. Moreover quite fast return from things I can influence and/or change is very much helping with my own motivation.

Happines and success. I would use a quote from my first post:

Happiness is wanting what you have, while success is having what you want.

It took me a long, long while to comply with above. Being hungry for success can sometimes blur happiness that is already around us.

Finally it helps my motivation to be surrounded (physically or virtually in internet) by interesting people. Desire to become one is yet another driver for some of my actions.

Thanks for reading,

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