ML/AI predictions and update on the data collection

Hi Guys,

Yesterday’s script is doing pretty well:

MariaDB [solocryptoprenuer]> select count(1) from gdax_matches;
| count(1) |
| 36125    |
1 row in set (0.10 sec)>

MariaDB [solocryptoprenuer]>

After 24hrs of running there are 36 thousands of matched transactions information in the database. Let it run for a few more weeks/months and I’ll think of exposing that data to the public. Yet it freaks me out to open Raspberry’s PI to the wild internet..

Anyways, below pasting visualization of gathered data:


A few statistics:

– maximum price: 6759,22021484
– minimum price: 6660,009766
– percentage price change between min and max: 1.47%

Such a small price variation over last 24hrs worries me a little bit. I think I should add into analysis a few more trading pairs, where possibly price fluctuations are bigger.

One more thought that was seeded today is I need either to find a sandbox or build one where I could test various models and their accuracy with auto-trading. That could also lead to a small kind of side project. I just can’t wait to see results of a bot which is playing like a random monkey versus fully trained ML model which is also supported by non technical data inputs.
Our conversation lead me to propose a few ideas I’d like to try implementing during my Journey on becoming Solo Crypto Prenuer. What if to combine ML/AI regarding recent trades plus google trends about Bitcoin searches plus the tone of recent news about Cryptocurrencies plus a ton of other information that at the very end tells investors to simply buy or sell or hold meaning they believe prices goes up or down within a specific time frame.I had a very interesting meeting today with one of my friends whom week ago I encouraged to use his skills and experience to dig into ML/AI price prediction on Bitcoin. After a few days of his work he managed to get 84% accuracy on predicting if price goes up or down for a few dollar cents within next a few transactions. Sounds a bit enigmatic but I’ll write about his approach separate, proper post.

It’s going to be very interesting project.

Thanks for reading,

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