The Solo-Crypto-Prenuer Journey Begins

Hi Guys,

A few points about myself as of today:

  • I’m 35 (in a month..)
  • happy father of Alice, who is year and a half
  • unhappy mortgage holder, with 29 years till end
  • former software developer, currently employed as a Global Director of Application Development
  • failed multiple times starting my own businesses
  • always hungry for success
  • interested in personal growth
  • will become financialy independent.. someday

Main goal of this blog is to document my journey into becoming Solo-Crypto-Prenuer, which means I’ll use my skills and knowledge into building some models which will help me invest into cryptocurrencies and make profits. I’ve made a few assumptions that I want to share:

  • initial investment is $300
  • spend up to an hour daily on this project
  • be fully open and transparent so others can follow
  • it’s a 3 year project
  • criteria of success is that at the end, balance is greater than cumulated invested amounts
  • investment decisions are purely calculated
  • all tools created during this project are available for free to the public

So you already know who am I, what I want to do and how I want to achieve my goal. There is one more question left unanswered: why I’m doing that. So here it goes.

Over last 15 years I had many, many ideas from which I tried to turn a few, maybe a doze into real projects, but if I think about my commitment and engagement I doubt I was ever fully, truly, 100% into any of them. Maybe my motivation was somewhere else or maybe I just loved to start new things but struggled in execution ? Or was afraid to risk it all ? Yes and no. I’m not afraid of thinking behind horizon, I love to dream about big things and finally I’m ready to admit publically I want to do this project which excities me entirely. I was looking for something new for myself for over a year and this is it.

I know I can do it entirely by myself.

I’m convinced it will be a success.

And I just started on July 5th 2018.

Happiness is wanting what you have, while success is having what you want.


Many thanks,

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